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Good morning! Today's Features at the Nest.. Breakfast: Bagel breakfast sandwich with coffee (2 fried eggs, bacon and cheddar on a fresh toasted bagel) Lunch: The ULTIMATE sampler platter! Locally made meats and cheeses, pickled veggies and hot artichoke dip! Soup: Moroccan bean and sausage soup. Heart healthy and filling!
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Good Morning! Today's Breakfast feature is a fluffy spinach and veggie omelette with tea or coffee. Add a fruit nappy for a healthy option! Lunch Feature: Oven baked, grilled veggie flatbread smothered in melted Italian cheese. Add a soup or side salad for a satisfying lunch. Today's Soup: Savory rosemary and asiago mushroom soup.
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No time to make a lunch? No problem, we'll make it for you! Today's lunch feature is a triple whammy- A caprese style sandwich piled with tomato, bocconcini cheese, and basil pesto on a warm rosemary focaccia bun. Served with a cup of soup and a glass of home-made lemonade. Today's soup: Sausage and three bean soup, loaded with veggies in a red wine beef broth. Mmmmmm, perfect for today's forcast!
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Good Morning.don't look outside if you don't have to. If you do have to head out, stop in for breakfast first! Try our Scone breakfast sandwich with a coffeeJ
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Good morning! Join Kelly and Nash for breakfast at the Nest! Today's feature is a breakfast sandwich loaded with two fried eggs, ham and cheese with tomato on multi-grain toast. Served with a regular coffee. See you for lunch! Try an Italian Hero- Italian salami, bacon, lettuce tomato and red onion finished with Dijon and basil mayo, all on a focaccia bun. Served with a cup of home-made soup. Soup's On! Savory mushroom and thyme.homemade as alwaysJ
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Need to bring home a treat for the family tonight? Drop in and pick up a dozen of our 'Signature' Sugar Cookies! Thick, moist, and just the right amount of sweet; a delicious finish to dinner or the perfect accompaniment with a specialty tea or coffeeJ Get em' while their hot!
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Chef Natasha Frank